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"We do more than find Solutions. We ensure Transformation" – Laide Alexander

What do exceptional organizations have in common? The clearest answer is great leadership. The most effective learning organization leaders and operators create vibrant learning communities where employees and leaders collaborate to serve every client, and ensure success for the organization per transaction.  Let Accexx Insight work and walk with you to get there. 

Human Operating System



Accexx Insight (AXI) will facilitate your organization’s development and trainings based upon its mission statement and the subsequent process of designing the people systems built upon those statements of the organization’s

philosophy. In addition, AXI can assist the organization in keeping its people systems dynamic by providing training to members at all levels of the organization in such areas as problem solving, team process and facilitation skills, and administration.

Organizational Design / Redesign Consulting Many organizations dedicate enormous resources to improving their technological or financial systems. However, the most successful organizations have come to understand the results of such investment are not maximized unless they also dedicate the necessary resources to their human capital. Accexx Insight organizational design consultants bring real-world expertise and results to this critical process.

Development through design  – Organization design is a process of designing the people and management systems within an organization—and pairing those systems with the technological and financial systems—to create an environment that fosters continuous improvement. Many organizations claim, “Our people are our greatest asset.” However, only those organizations that truly believe that maxim commit the resources necessary to design and implement the people and management systems to give their company the competitive edge by capitalizing on the abilities of all team members. Whether the process being undertaken is the design of a new organization, or the redesign of an existing one, the key to the success of the process remains the same: There must be an articulated common vision which provides the foundation upon which all the organization’s human systems are built. Organization design (and redesign) is a unique process in that the ultimate success is completely dependent upon the degree to which participants embrace the process itself.

Merger & Acquisition / Recruitment Process Organizations involved in asset-only acquisitions face the challenge of selecting an entire workforce immediately. Accexx Insight is experienced in the development and execution of a plan to accomplish this daunting but critical task.

Acquire success, avoid chaosPrior to the acquisition closing, we meet with key members of the purchasing organization to develop an applicant profile and accompanying selection tools, clearly outlining the employee’s criteria for success in the new organization. We guide the purchaser through decisions such as communication of openings, application gathering, interviewing logistics, the hiring decision process and, most critically, the sensitive nature of screening a workforce that is about to be laid off.

RecruitmentAccexx Insight consultants’ contract with the purchasing entity to conduct interviews, check references, determine whether an applicant is eligible for hire based on clearly defined criteria and present the data gathered in a format most beneficial for the purchaser to make the final hiring decision. Such a data-driven system results in fair and productive hiring decisions and has the added benefit of assuring that such decisions are defensible, if challenged. The defensibility of this system is bolstered by clear documentation of the data collected and consistent application of clearly defined measurement criteria.

We have also assisted numerous organizations going through acquisitions with labor relations issues, handbook review and implementation, supervisory training and general human resources issues.  

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Leadership Development



As a leader, you have come to realize that in today’s business environment it takes more than the latest skills and hard work to sustain stellar performance in an age where complexity and unknowns rule the day. Sustainable success is now based on radically innovative thinking combined with the will to act with emotional maturity towards a meaningful purpose — embodied by the entire organization.

Accexx Insight’s (AXI) global network of coaches is composed of seasoned professionals distinguished in their fields. They have hands-on leadership experience, advanced degrees, and an average of more than 10 years of experience in coaching leaders. In addition to assigning the right coach to your organization, our full-service coaching practice provides ongoing hands-on oversight of all Accexx Insight (AXI) engagements to ensure consistency, quality, integrity and impact.


Our Customized Coaching Programs focus on 

Individual and Team Coaching Services:

Executives and Leaders

AXI’s approach to leadership coaching is both individualized and strategic. Our coaches work with leaders to understand and address their development priorities within the context of their particular business goals and strategies. Our process begins with a data-gathering phase that often includes stakeholder interviews and other assessments. The Coach and the coachee then prioritize development goals linked to business impact, create an action plan to address them, and connect regularly during the coaching period to maintain focus on development and evaluate progress. Our process also enlists the input and support of the coachee’s manager and HR partner as key sponsors of the engagement.

CEOs and Boards

C-Suite and Succession Candidates

Leadership Teams

Onboarding and Transition Support

Leadership Program Support

Targeted Coaching (Skill, Behavior, or Performance)

Enterprise Coaching Strategy

Coaching Management

Internal Coach Development

Coaching Skills for Managers

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Other Trainings and Programs

Perfecting The Art of Customer Service

Understanding the needs of the customer What do customers want when they enter your place of business? If you look at each situation carefully, you will notice that they want one of two things – and often both: good feelings and solutions to problems (whatever that may be).Virtually everything that a customer wants from you and your business will fall into one of those categories. 


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Time Management

Time Management: Learn how to get more done in the time you have! FACT: you only get 24 hours a day. In today’s world, there is a lot to do at work and at home. Stop wasting time and get the clock working for you instead of against you with this invaluable time management live courses offered through Accexx Insight trainings and seminars. 

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Planning & Prioritizing

Our training and seminars will show you:

The power of planning and prioritizing, along with organizational tips for time efficiency. Ways to take control of your day by getting organized, identifying priorities, maintaining balance and dealing with daily distractions. Plans that really work for today, next week, next month and next year! And more!

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