Becoming A Healthy Learning Community


"Education is a global problem, but also the global solution” – Laide Alexander

What do exceptional schools have in common? The clearest answer is great leadership. While debate rages over which policies and reforms will best drive student outcomes, the power of great school leaders to make an enormous difference in the lives of the students they serve is not controversial. Vice Chancellors, Presidents, Principals, APs and Heads of Schools shape the environment for teaching, instructing and learning. The most effective education leaders and operators create vibrant learning communities where faculty and staff collaborate to help every student fulfill his or her potential. Accexx Insight (AXI) is committed to support, enhance, equip and empower educational entities and organizations looking not to conform to the norms, but to transform education around the globe.  

Your School . Your Revenue . Your Budget


Accexx Insight is equipped with team members that have real life experiences in all core areas of education management. AXI does not focus on your money, we focus on your resources. We believe that utilizing resources effectively, is understanding that how one spends one's resources - time, financial, and human speaks to the moral, values and ethics about what is important to that person, school, community and nation.  We work with all educational entities; pre- kindergarten, kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools, career colleges, polytechnics, community colleges and traditional universities to operate and manage all the core areas and functionality of educational operation.  Our consulting services vary;

· We can work as an external resource provider; by customizing a workable solution for your operational and academic needs.

· We can partner with you by coming on board your team to assist in implementing agreed customized strategies, policies and procedures. 

We Make It Work :

Increased Enrollment (Sustained Growth)

Favorable Attrition & High Retention - Increased Student Engagement & "Stay Power"

Seamless Financial Process & Outcome

Effective Student & Career Services Department

Favorable Graduation & Employment Outcome

Strategic Outreach & Referral Success

Strategic Hiring & Recruitment of teachers, faculty, staff, outsource & insource organizations

Effective & Sustained Class Utilization

Increased Net Operating Income - We create strategies that will increase your revenue and decrease your expenses. 

Data . Policy . Compliance


Our approach is "hands-on" and "a school at a time". This is because we work to transform and not just fix the bruises, we dig deeper to find the root cause. Our team carry out needed research, provide data, advice and recommendations on how individual schools utilize resources strategically. Even though we have placed a lot o importance on system reform, it is crucial to understand the vital role that school systems (private regions, public school districts, or charter networks) play in promoting excellence. 

We Make It Work:

-  Identifying and realigning school-level vision, Why?Reformers, district leaders, regulators, policy makers  can only draft effective systems, structures and policies when there is clarity of what they are trying to implement and permit within schools and other learning spaces. 

-  All compliance issues

-  Research and gather Data, using qualitative and quantitative methodology 

- All policies and procedure issues

-  Handle Data, Big Data and intepretations

-  Accreditation and Regulatory Issues

- Assist with legal matters as regards school systems and education outcomes


School Leaders & Leadership


We focus on Three (3) Key Areas:

Key Area 1 Transforming Schools: How Distributed Leadership Can Create and Sustain A More High-Performing Schools.

Key Area 2 A Model for Stronger Schools:

AXI will work with you to implement the Five Principles of Successful Distributed Leadership. We will:

· Create a leadership model that defines leadership roles, how they will work together and the systems needed to support them.

· Create and strengthen leadership capacity; we will help boost the amount and quality of potential leaders

· Help you focus leaders on improving teaching and learning. 

· Create teams with shared mission – We will help you establish an environment where team members can share knowledge, dissect problems together and work toward common goals.

· Equip and Empower leaders with time and authority lead. 

Key Area 3 Building Pathways: How to develop the next generation of transformational school leaders

Education practitioner across the ideological spectrum agree that we can and must do a far better job of educating youths world-wide. Too many students leave public school systems unqualified to compete for jobs in an increasingly global workforce. The result is slipping academic competitiveness and a perpetuating cycle of literate illiteracy. AXI is your ready resource and we will focus on: A random walk to school leadership – Schools are failing because of greater powers. You can have a great teacher in a great classroom, and the school could still be failing. Strong leaders produce strong schools – Transformational leadership is vital to school turnarounds for a simple reason—the job is extraordinarily challenging. Great leadership has always been essential to building great schools, but never has the task required such a broad range of skills and competencies. The competencies include vision, innovation, establishing a culture of high performance, data-driven decision making, building diverse relationships, resource allocation, conflict management and several more.

Identifying the roadblocks to success – Drawing on our long experience helping organizations in both the public and private sectors build effective leadership development capabilities, we identified five major roadblocks that too often prevent promising candidates from getting the training, guidance and encouragement they need. 

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Primary & Secondary Education


If I were named superintendent tomorrow, my No. 1 priority would be an outstanding principal in every school. Everything else would be secondary.” -  Laide Alexander


Accexx Insight partners with private and public school systems (profit and non-profit) to establish improved and more excellent opportunities for students to advance into a lifestyle of “learning-choices” . We are committed to connect and partner with every school to create effective strategies and action plans that will not only resolve the present challenges with schools and learning spaces, but will transform schools and learning communities through sustainable and workable systemic change. 

How We Make It Work:   

Effective Global School Models: High-quality learning models that support traditional and unconventional education-learning systems and systems thinking, solely focusing on improving students learning outcomes (SLO). SLOs include but not limited to; comprehension and competency levels - knowledge and skills, critical thinking abilities, values, innovation readiness, motivation for higher learning readiness, understanding of workforce readiness and success achieved. 

Human capital: We know and understand education systems; its thinking and leadership; with that said we can help you make the fit choice, the first time – we will help to hire, train, develop, support and assess highly effective teachers, school leaders and administrators. This will be done from the viewpoint of education and budge, and not just recruiting.

Reform-minded school systems: We will review all aspects of the students’ learning process and help to create systems that will enable seamless implementation of student-centric emend or reforms. 

Student Leadership Program (SLP) and Good Citizenship: The curriculum for SLP and good citizenship is designed to empower up and coming student leaders (who some learning organizations refer to as “Student Ambassadors”) who are committed to promoting cultural competency, social justice, community improvement and advancement, professional and personal leadership interests. This program is based on school’s selection and approval.

Education technology: Work with learning organizations to high-quality instructional tools and models, utilizing trending technology to improve student learning and outcomes.

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Higher Learning


Competition in the global job market is making new programs, new training and new models of instruction essential in order for students to earn gainful employment after graduation. Amidst a fluctuating student population, universities and career schools alike are harnessing new technologies, such as e-learning, as a way to reach even more students.

These pressures place core academic missions of teaching, research and outreach at risk. To help bring the focus back to schools’ core missions, AXI is helping institutions get back on the path to success.

How We Make It Work:

· We will work with higher institutions to redesign the learning models to make higher education a reality for more students across the globe.

· We closely examine school operations and organizations to determine which administrative support functions, which ones are redundant, and which ones are diverting scarce resources away from the core purpose.

· We strategically create ways to rationalize traditionally decentralized and highly complex organization structures, with widely disparate service levels and unworkable spans of control.

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Nursery & Pre-Schooler


"School is not a place; school is an idea" - Laide Alexander

If we believe that everybody teaches and everybody learns, then we will understand that the "ideology" behind a school is not to just gather some children or people in a place, we call "classroom" or a "school". It is simply to find an opportunity to learn and teach within similar space and/or time. When a child is born, the mind was not "performance-ready" ,  education-learning is the vehicle that helps the child to engineer the brain until the matured age of twenty (24).

How We Make It Work:

- The Newborn

- The Learning Spaces: Womb, Home, Class, Environment, Others

- My Hands, My Brain, My Eyes

- Teachers and Teaching

- The First Day, The Other Days, The Last Day


Becoming A Learning Teacher



Teaching is an empyrean quest – every person does it. Everybody teaches and everybody learns. The question is: How?” – Laide Alexander

Question: Who is a Learning Teacher? 

(a) A new teacher

(b) A seasoned teacher

(c) An effective teacher

(d) Just a Teacher

(e) All of the Above

Answer: (e) All of the Above

Regardless of the class you teach, the age group or grade you are teaching, up to higher learning – There are three fundamental and foundational questions that you must always ask, whether you are thinking domestically (locally) or globally; What kind of learning are we actually seeking? How can we best nurture the sought after learning? And what are the anticipated outcomes for students, teachers, communities, and this competitive and talent saturated world?

Engaging our students with "globalization" is not just to focus on "crisis" of the world, but to understand that we need to teach our students with the intention of making them innovation ready, employment ready and motivated to be the best they can be in whatever field they choose, and wherever they choose to function. Teaching is not just sharing information for the purpose of some taking some standardized tests any longer, teaching should create an inspiration and motivation to want to "do more" for the community, teaching should be a system whereby change agents are created. 

How We Make It Work:

 - Teacher-Learner Connection – The Channel

 - Strategic Model for Effective Teacher-Student Exchange

- Teachers Handling Students Challenges; When students have problems & When students give them problems

- Teacher-Student Active Listening

- Types of Verbal Communication and - - - Their Effects on Students: Talk a Walk with AXI!

- Modifying the Learning Space to Prevent Problems

- The Critical-Thinking Teacher

- The Reflective Teacher

- Conflicts in the Classroom: “No-lose” Resolution Methodology

- The Collision of Value in a Learning Space

- The Teacher, The Student, The Classroom, The Learning Space

- Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessments

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